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DraftSight is a free 2D CAD application by Dassault Systems. We use it to design the mechanical components of the robots in the Pharos Lab. For example, it is used to layout the holes for mounting the electrical components on the computational plane.

Here are some tutorials on how to use DraftSight.


System Setup

Units Setup

Relative Command

Explains how you can specify a relative coordinate using @deltaX,deltaY. To connect the last point to the first point, you can simply type "c", which means "close".

Circle Command

Shows how to create a circle.

Rectangle Command

Shows how to create a rectangle. To specify the dimensions of the rectangle, first click on a point to specify the lower-left corner of the rectangle, then type "@5,4" to make a rectangle that's 5" wide by 4" tall.

Offset Command

This enables you to create parallel lines or concentric circles.

Trim Command

This allows you to cut an entity based on another entity. For example, if you have two intersecting lines, you can trim one line at the point it intersects the other line.

Linear Dimension Command

Shows you how to add linear dimensions to a drawing.

Make Block Command

Groups multiple entities into one. This is analogous to "grouping" entities. Once a block is created, it can be duplicated numerous times within a drawing.

Edit Poly Line Command

Converts a collection of lines into a polygon. This is useful when you want to offset a collection of lines simultaneously.

Hatch/Fill Command

Applies patterns and fills to areas in your drawing. This is useful in clarifying a drawing.

Printer Calibration

Not all printers are calibrated to print the dimensions of your drawing correctly. This is especially the case for consumer-grade laser printers. Plotter printers are best for printing CAD drawings. Here are some notes about the printers we've used.

Printer Width error Length error
Dell 3110CN Color Laser in MPC Lab Short by 1/32" over 6 1/4" span. Short by 1/16" over 9 1/4" span.
Dell 1720dn Laser in Pharos Lab
Ricoh MP3350 on ACES 5th floor Short by 1/32" over 6 1/4" span. Short by 1/32" over 9 1/4" span.
HP LaserJet 1320n in MPC Lab Short by 1/34" over 6 1/4" span. Short by 1/32" over 9 1/4" span.
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